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BStrong4Life - Coming May 2011!

synchrony chirocare office blog b strong 4 lifeComing to Synchrony ChiroCare May 2011: BStrong4Life™ will change your life. This scientifically based exercise program is nothing like you've ever experienced. Four exercises, five seconds each for a total workout of less than one minute – once a week. This is all that it takes to improve muscle mass and increase strength using BStrong4Life™.

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Patient Testimonials

  • Phil K. (2)

    "Now my neck is more flexible and I can lean against the headrest."

    I take a charter bus to work everyday and wasn't able to lean my head back against the head rest. Now my neck is more flexible and

  • Sue B.

    "Great relief in my neck"

    I definitely feel great relief in my neck. It no longer feels like I need to hold it up with my hands.

  • James F.

    "I no longer have any pain and feel tremendously better."

    Prior to coming to Dr. Bennese, I was in the emergency room due to intolerable pain. I was unable to walk without assistance and strong pain

  • Kathryn R. (3)

    "I have improved in every area of my body and my mind"

    I have improved in every area of my body, and, I believe, my mind. I can walk normally and even run a bit. I can get out of bed in less than 20

  • Stephen N. (2)

    "This has truly been life-changing."

    Well, I can hardly believe my 8 weeks are over already. When Dr. B originally told me that my condition would improve that quickly, I was very skeptical. I am a